Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore for Couple

couple vacation in singapore
Why is Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore good for a couple of vacations? Because with some discounts you can have memorable together in this clean city. Indeed, Singapore is famous for its cleanliness. Of course, it is excellent for not only citizens but also the tourist. 

Many people go to Singapore. Of course, they have some reason. First, they go to the country to work. 

Second, many people take medical action there. It is because the medical service is very well. Third, many tourists come to this city to make a memorable holiday. Some tourists come alone, and some others come with partners, families, and friends. 

What to do During Vacation in Singapore? 

Some couples like to go to the beach if they are on vacation. You can go to many beaches too. It is because Singapore is a country that has a location in Peninsula. So, it has many beautiful beaches with pleasant scenery, marvelous sunset, and delicious culinary spots nearby. 

Not only beaches, malls, but café and restaurants are also a great idea. You can buy some jewelry and accessories in the department store. Shopping in Chinatown will be good too. Later, if you are done with the schedule, you can buy some souvenirs near Merlion Statue. 

If you like some places for entertainment, you can go to some art exhibition or concert. It holds a lot and sometimes the events invite many idols from China, Japan, or South Korea. Not only in a big place like a stadium, sometimes in held in a smaller place, but romantic classical music performance is also fabulous. You can enjoy it with your loved one. 

Hotel in Singapore with Spacious Room 

Select a hotel to stay in is another point that is necessary for the couple. Why is that so? Because when you are busy with your schedule, take a rest at night is very important. So, you need to choose a comfortable hotel. So, you can sleep well and attend the next schedule on the day after. 

Staycation with a partner is another level of happiness. Because you can have quality time with your partner. So, you need a spacious room that has in bathroom. 

Take advantage of Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore with a detailed plan, you will not face any problems during vacation. It is better if you bring enough money and get a special price. Therefore, you need to know about Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore. 

It is a promo this October. The promo will give you some discounts on flights and hotels. It is up to 80% for the hotel. So, take the notes and make sure you will not miss them. 

Not only hotels and flights, but you will also get experience do you want to know what are the offers? If you do, open the website of Traveloka and do all of the requirements. It will be good for you to choose the offers from many resorts. You can ask your partner to pick Hotel Promotion Singapore and save more money to go to many travel destinations for an extended vacation. Happy traveling!

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