Becoming the Best Hotel, This is the History of Shangri La Singapore

Shangri La Singapore has attracted the attention of many visitors and tourists, especially the Singaporeans themselves. However, behind its luxury and splendor, it turns out that there is a history that makes the hotel what it is today. What are you waiting for? Immediately see the information below. 

What is Hotel Shangri La Singapore?

This accommodation is a trading entity of Shangri‐La International Hotel Management Limited. The company went multinational with its founder Robert Kuok in 1971 and already owns more than 100 luxury hotels. The resort also has 40,000 rooms in Asia and Africa. Because of this, its area of ​​operation can expand and cover the whole world. 

The History of the Word "Shangri La"

The first luxury hotel from the ShangriLa Resorts Group, of course, is Shangri-La Singapore, which has been open since 1971. The name of this company was inspired by Shangri-La as a mystical place in James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon.

Shangri‐La also tells the story of a lost paradise. At that time, people of great wisdom gathered around the monastery of Tebet. Hilton's history also touched many fans and has become popular in the 20th century.

The Lost Horizon has even been defined as a true story when western civilization was on the verge of collapse. Carl G Jung said that the smell of soot wafted through the air. Because of that, the thought arose regarding the lost paradise because it became attractive in the eyes of the public.

In the book, tourists from the western region save themselves from a plane that was raging in the world and landed on the world's hugest mountain range. Hilton narrates it in detail, even featuring a monastic character with all the wealth whose goal is to fight materialism. 

Shangri La Singapore Developments

You must have realized that the development of this hotel is growing rapidly. In Indonesia alone, Shangri La already exists in Jakarta and Surabaya as the hugest cities. The developments that you can know are based on the design and architecture of the building, even the available facilities.

For example, the interior design is now unique with a mix of modern and contemporary styles. Visitors will be able to see new and different impressions so that they are no longer the same as previous versions.

The restaurant that initially only provided breakfast and dinner menus has now provided dining facilities with views of the beach and swimming pool. If you are with friends, you can even have a party or do a barbeque.

The facilities in the room or the room have become more diverse, right? You can also shop using Singapore Rediscover Voucher with the help of the multilingual staff. The service of staff can provide a lot of information about the nearest tourist destination. 

So, you don't need to hesitate anymore with the best service and quality from Shangri La Singapore. Its fascinating history and the many benefits of the Singapore Rediscover Voucher will surely make your vacation time more enjoyable. That way, immediately book your tickets and vacation options so that a more enjoyable experience can you get immediately.

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